• [EMLM project] Official bid opening for NGO partner selection

  • 23.11.06
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The Our Sea of East Asia Network, OSEAN intends to invite foreign and local eligible Bidders for the KOICA Project “Enhancing Marine Litter Management in Manila Bay, Philippines”

Proposals must be submitted in electronic copy, indicating the project number: Project number: KOICA EMLM 01A 2024. The Proposal (in PDF format) is to be submitted in the same email message to the person in charge (indicated below) by the closing time specified below:

Person in charge: Hyeju Kim

Email: bid@osean.net

Closing time: 10th Nov 2023 (24:00, GMT+9, KST)

Proposals lodged in any manner other than as detailed in this paragraph, or are submitted after the deadline shall be deemed to be invalid and may be excluded from consideration.